Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Our Home

Elder Cooley sweeping the street:

Across the street:

The street where we live, we don't usually have the brama in the street but you never know from one day to the next what will be wandering around. The red and cream at the end of the street is the chapel so we have a short distance to walk. I tell people that we had to move to Legaspi to able to live close enough to walk to church. They always laugh but it is true.

A pretty flower:

Our front room window:

Our front door:

Oven 14 inches wide:

Dish drainer:

Garage and side patio:

View from the study:

Cool rock:

Mt Mayon in the clouds:

Our deck on the roof:

Mt Mayon from the roof:

View from our bedroom:

Master bedroom and bath:

Master bath:

Living room:

Kitchen and dining:

Stairs and entry:

Study area outside the blue room (our office):

Blue room office and balcony looking out the front of the home:

The office before we got out desk and chair:

View outside the back of our house:

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