Friday, November 13, 2009

A Trip, a Typhoon, and a Volcano Eruption

Our trip to Pio Duran-

Here is part of the road. A lot of the road wasn't paved:

A man coming home from work on his Carabo:

An example of the road:

Young man cutting a coconut down:

Sign in the chapel behind the pulpit:

The chapel up in the mountains:

The beautiful country:

They put these barrels across the road to slow you down. Sometimes they use signs.

Typhoon Santi-
One of the larger trees that fell. Luckily they had cleared the road of all the downed trees.

Telephone and electric lines down across the road:

The banana trees were especially hit hard. They must not have a strong trunk.

Trees down from typhoon Santi:

Carabo enjoying the cool river:

Huge piggy going to the market:

Carabo and owner preparing for the rice fields:
Mt Mayon Eruption-
Mt Mayon the day before the eruption;
It belched out a large puff of brown smoke. You can see where the fresh ash or lava came down the front of it.

Rock garden from the first eruption of Mt Mayon:

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