Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spring Is Here!

March came in like a Lion but our schedule doesn’t look like it will go out like a lamb, more like a Tiger. I have received some pictures from Jessica that show all the beautiful blossoms that are out and it reminds me why I love our area so much. We have it all back home. When it comes to the four seasons and beautiful green grass and flowers all year round. Thanks Jess we enjoyed the Spring Flowers, I think I could have almost smelled the aroma. I miss my morning walks in our area with all the spring foliage out!

Spring here brings also beautiful flowers and lots of new fruits. We actually have an Indian Mango tree in our yard next to the home we rent. The Indian Mango is a green mango; it is so delicious and makes a great mango shake. I am also surprised to see all the watermelons for sale along the highway (which is just a two lane road).

These are some of the wonders of the spring flowers and fruit!

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