Sunday, August 30, 2009

Trip to Legaspi

These are some of the pictures I took on our trip to Legaspi. There are a couple pictures just showing the thick foliage along the road side.

Here is a picture of a volcano that had blown it's top off, with a smaller volcano right next to it.
I could have taken more but the driver of the car we were following was crazy he was driving so fast on these tiny two way roads and was passing everything in sight in front of him. I can truly say that the drive down here was not fun or relaxing. I thought Lee had us dead more than once. But we survived and here we are safe and sound, at least until tomorrow and we once again drive the tiny roads. The worst thing is that the people walk along the sides of these tiny roads which are just the size to fit two small cars, no pedestrians, and the dogs just go in the road and stand and you can pull right up to them and honk and they just move as slow as possible.
--Sister Cooley

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  1. Hey!! I saw your blog on B and Jessica's, and I thought I would say hi. Looks like you are doing great! We hope all is well! You are two of our favorite people and we think of you often! Love, Whitney Steve and Jack