Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Getting Started

Our work here is just beginning with the Employment Center. We are going around trying to meet every one of those involved with the ERC. Last week we went to Stake Conference and that consisted of three cluster meetings because the people can't afford to come to stake conference. The President takes conference to them. The first meeting is from 7am to 9am. Afterwards we get in the car and drive one and a half hours to the next one that starts at 10:30 to 12:30, but of course we were 20 minutes late so it didn't end until 1pm. Then we drive another hour and a half to a 3pm to 5pm meeting. We had a regular convoy with the leaders and even the choir in two jeepney's. They always ask us to sit on the stand and then talk. We have had to talk and sit on the stand every meeting we have been to. They act like we are visiting authorities. We love the people they are so friendly and smile all the time. Everyone shakes our hand and asks if they can help us.

We haven't moved into our apartment yet , this week we hope. We know all the workers by first name and a couple of them are going to go to church with us. They get in trouble because they all like to stand around and talk to us. The manager Mack even enjoys our visits, he talks to us all the time and doesn't want us to leave because he says that Elder Cooley visits with the guests and so he makes Mack's job easier. He even tells us about his girl friend and so we have some new friends here and love them all. I even have made friends with the cook that is supposed to give me a couple recipes I love. I sent the family a new soup recipe you will have to ask them for it. Just season it more than the recipe. We have found a new delicious nut, Pilinut which is just found in this area. I will have to send some samples. I want to get some more pictures sent.

We especially love the Mayon Volcano that is just like 8 miles from here and will be about 10 from our apartment.

Yesterday at breakfast they were playing Christmas music. Every month that ends in "ber" they celebrate Christmas and so with September the music started. Even I think this is a little early!

--Sister Cooley

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