Friday, September 4, 2009

Mayon Volcano

This our landmark here in Legaspi. This is how it looks in the morning:

Most of the time it looks like this:

On occasion you can see it in the afternoon like this:
I can't believe how beautiful these Filipino people sing, with the voice of angels. There were several more men than women which you never see at home. Well the talks and the music were so touching and spiritual that you didn't need to understand every word you could understand through the
spirit. The only thing that I haven't gotten used to is they have us speak and sit on the stand every meeting. I have never given my testimony so many times. We did however receive an invitation to come do a career work shop in a couple
weeks and so our classes start. I hope that this is just the beginning. I think we will be able to move in tomorrow or Wednesday. I hope I can find
some one to come in and do our laundry.
Must finish and time for bed.
--Sister Cooley

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  1. Hi Elder and Sister Cooley!

    I just found this on our Ward website. What a pleasant surprise. I appreciate your examples in serving a mission for the Lord. Just wanted to say hello and we miss you guys.

    -Keith Norris and family