Monday, December 14, 2009

December 12, 2009

Elder and Sister Cooley take to the road on their TRICYCLE!

Where oh where could he be?

Some people walk their dogs, he walks his pig.

Carabo coming home from a long day in the rice fields:

Truman riding the cart. Lee gave the man and boy a soda, they were so excited:

The boy scouts singing at the mall:

We ended November with a busy weekend. On Friday we drove an hour East of Naga and conducted a District Employment Committee training, (DEC). This training is always interesting because most of the members have no IDEA what they are suppose to be doing, there for nothing is being done, so we explain what each person's job consists of and how to do it. It is amazing how interested they are once they understand what to do. An hour ride back to Naga, a good dinner, clothes washed and dried (the office couple actually have a dryer, how lucky is that!).

Saturday we were off to Daet which is four hours from Legazpi. It helps to spend the night in Naga so we only have a two hour drive in the morning. We had a career workshop with 42 in attendance. I think that was our record attendance and the participation was definitely the best we have had. What a great group-inspiring!!!!

Our workshop grads:

Our drive to Daet is beautiful:

The Stake President there is really on the ball, he has always been eager for us to come and teach his saints all we have to offer. He is very young maybe early thirties, tall and good looking. He has a desire to serve his people and get what ever help he can to motivate them into locating a job so they can be self reliant. He has requested that we come this Sunday and present the Prosperity Fireside to a couple of his wards there. We then have a four hour drive home and prepare for our trip to Manila on Monday. So, last Saturday we spent 8 hours in a work shop and 6 hours driving. We were both tired and ready for bed.

WHY do we not spend the night in Diet or some of the other places and avoid the long drive, in the dark on the treacherous roads? Well the drive is better that the hotel accommodations if you know what I mean. Can you spell "no star" hotel?

Sunday we took off for another hour drive to attend church in Sorsogon City. They had District Conference so all the branches were represented and also the missionaries that serve in that district. We also had President Smith and Sister Smith, which is always a treat to see and hear them speak. He is the priesthood leader over the districts in the mission so his job is more than just Mission president. He and Sister Smith are extremely busy with the Naga Mission!

Our new words for this week are LOLA which means Grandmother and LOLO which means Grandfather. We walk around a track at the Bicol University and this week there have been a few hundred elementary children practicing for a competition. Well can you imagine the attention these two old white people received? First they would sit on the side and dare one of their friends to say something to us, when would answer the children would all laugh. Then some of them got brave and came over and shook our hand or gave us a high five, run back and everyone would laugh. Then more would come out. Before we were done the track was covered with children who of course had a thousand questions. (By the way some of these children have never seen white couples).

Grandpa on the other hand took off jogging. I am not sure if he thought he could get away, but he had a long line of boys jogging along with him. He had them trailing from one end of the track to the other. The girls mostly walked with me and never stopped asking questions, then they would say Lola, where is Lolo? Or half of them would say Grandpa. I would point him out and they would say OHHHHHH.

Then ask a million other questions! This was our entertainment for a couple of days.

The missionaries are coming to dinner again tonight. We look forward to hearing about their teaching and tracting experiences. They are having the first convert baptism here in a couple of years. They also have a great many they are teaching so maybe more baptisms before Christmas. We had one of the AP's here on splits so we are having Mexican food again without our neighbor Elder Damagsang here. He told Elder Walker all he wants to eat is Mexican food now, even his rice of choice now is Mexican, I think we have ruined him for life! Maybe tonight we will convert Elder Mendez!

Elder Walker and Elder Mendez having tacos and quesadillas:

We pray for the Lord to bless and keep you all safe and healthy. We are proud of you and your work in helping the Lord to further his work. This is a good month to go to the temple, go soon!

Merry Christmas Season,
Lola & Lolo

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