Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone. Hope you Turkey day is wonderful and I get lots of pictures and emails telling us about it. We miss being there with all of you on this special of thanks. We think all of you are our blessings and love you very much.

We spent our day working and taking our friends out to lunch. His birthday is today and hers was yesterday. We also had a couple of missionaries over for a Mexican Thanksgiving. I did not want to do the turkey since we just had it on Monday. The Elders were very happy with the feast we had.

We finally saw our volcano this morning and it is very active, lots of smoke coming out of it. We heard that some of the top collapsed but it is smoking so much we can't see the top of the cone.

Hope you know how much we love and miss you all.

--Elder and Sister Cooley

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